On September 15, 2011, CTV News interviewed Super Services For Seniors owner Carol Rothwell for a segment on seniors advocacy.

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Advocacy for seniors can be anything from the quality of care one receives at a residential facility and those living independently to dealing with complex paperwork, financial fraud, mental and physical abuse, residential disputes and much more.


Too often seniors are unable to take action for various reasons, leaving many issues unresolved. The resulting pain and confusion leaves seniors frustrated and scared.


Super Services For Seniors owner Carol Rothwell's advocacy skills were learned the old fashioned way - by doing it. She has the reputation for going the full distance and not giving up when she feels one of her clients is having issues that are not being dealt with properly.


"We act as a voice" says Rothwell. "To ensure their needs are being met and their concerns answered.


Clients of Super Services For Seniors can be content in the knowledge that help is but a phone call away to a familiar voice who will not pass you on to another person.

"You either don`t have the time to give to your aging parents, don`t live close enough or may not be in town at all. Perhaps you just cannot face that your parents are aging and need support at some level either for yourself or your parents. Super Services For Seniors staff are very aware of the emotional turmoil one goes through and are there to create support that lifts that dark sky and adds a bright light to life again."